[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2010-10 (Global Proposal):GlobalPolicy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA Post Exhaustion- Last Call (textrevised)

Jim Fitzgerald jim at i2bnetworks.com
Wed Nov 3 11:48:27 EDT 2010

On Nov 3, 2010, at 7:47 AM, Hannigan, Martin wrote:

> On 11/3/10 12:53 AM, "Jim Fitzgerald" <jim at i2bnetworks.com> wrote:
>> I question how seriously ARIN is even paying attention to active recovery of
>> legacy resources.  I personally informed ARIN of two /24's assigned to defunct
>> customers of ours that should be reclaimed.  These were ARIN direct
>> assignments from the 90's.  No action has transpired.  We're announcing both
>> currently and have been for 7+ years.  Both clients have been dead for 3+
>> years, there are no hosts in this space -- we're announcing it but its
>> otherwise un-routed on our network.   The space was only noticed by us when we
>> completed an audit of our IPv4 database.
> Why are you still advertising them if they are dead-ended then?
> Best,
> -M<

As mentioned in my post, due to error.  The original clients were not BGP enabled we announced these on their behalf.  Clients are now defunct.  Due to slop in our system we did not remove these announcements.   It was discovered some time ago in an audit.  

The blocks were reported to ARIN and we await further guidance as to what to do with them.  Meanwhile the blocks are unused & un-routed on our network but we're not sure what to do with them otherwise.  We may eventually put them to work for test hosts or other non-critical work while we await some resolution or guidance from ARIN or in the absence of any guidance.  We're just surprised that with the IPv4 shortage and so much noise about efficient utilization that nobody would want these...


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