[arin-ppml] GUA vs ULA vs ?

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Mar 31 12:46:31 EDT 2010

>   Any ISPs out there that are advocating enterprises use GUA for
> non-routed private addressing are you willing do special filtering and
> null routing on a customer by customer basis, or would filtering
> FC00::/7 be easier?
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> David Farmer               Email:farmer at umn.edu
> Networking & Telecommunication Services

This is actually my plan at this point, when the situation arises, as well as what I have done in my personal IPv6 network.  I do not find it to be onerous, and it works.  I believe it will be easier than tracking multiple networks would be.

I have had a major rethink concerning IPv6 ULA..  my very argument that everyone will have plenty of space to use GUA for private networks also supports there being plenty of space to allow ULA without cramping the world.  

I am slowly sliding over to the camp that says "If we can afford the space and people want to use ULA and it doesn't hurt anyone else then why not..".  Whether I personally feel it is efficient or utile is moot.

My current predominate feeling is that ULA of whatever flavor would be fine so long as the requirements and costs are on par with GUA to remove the rationale for abuse.  The appropriate costs for GUA are an entirely different discussion.


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