[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Mar 26 07:18:17 EDT 2010

> I have always liked 6to4 addressing.  If you have some IPv4, 
> you have plentiful amount of IPv6.  But there was no reverse 
> DNS... Well, it seems that http://6to4.nro.net now lets you 
> populate it...


There is the model for doing reverse DNS for ULA-C. And also
for the directory of ULA-C registrations which would be at
http://ula.nro.net. That page would explain what ULA is,
provide a calculator for generating a ULA-RANDOM address,
direct people to the 5 RIR web pages for registering ULA-C
addresses, provide a ULA-C directory lookup button, and
provide a link for enabling reverse DNS for your ULA-C block.
People would then have a choice of whether or not to have
reverse DNS or to have it delegated to the same phantom IANA
server that handles RFC 1918 reverse DNS.

> ULA can be reclaimed if the policy says so.

And the RFC could require that the RIRs have a policy covering
reclamation, and maintaining an ongoing relationship with ULA-C

> I think the AC needs to tell come to some consensus about 
> "tainted"GUA, or ULA-C.  I think that the IETF will cooperate 
> if it's ULA-C.

I am certain that the IETF will cooperate if the 5 RIRs jointly
propose a model for ULA-C. I am also certain that we can do
the work in parallel, i.e. it will not be necessary to wait 
until a ULA-C RFC is finalised before getting some wording for
a global policy into the 5 RIR policy proposal processes.

--Michael Dillon

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