[arin-ppml] Acronyms run riot

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Mar 23 03:26:47 EDT 2010

> ULA-C for NCN is much more robust than "tainted" GUA as far 
> as failing closed. 

In your previous message you used NNC and I couldn't remember what
it stands for. In any case, I think we have gone a bit too far
in introducing new acronyms.

The only new acronym that saw a lot of use in the thread was 
GUA which is a reasonable acronym, but which should not refer
to what Owen said. To anyone who dipped into this thread, and
even to me, it seems that GUA stands for Global Unicast Addresses,
i.e. the 1/8th of the IPv6 address space in 2000::3, and if
we keep using this acronym, I think that is what it should stand
for. There is no need to label globally unique addresses like 
ULA-C and GUA and RFC 3306 multicast addresses. Sometimes it 
is better to use the words "unique" or "globally unique".

NCN is actually a misnomer because these are not non-connected
networks. In the past I have called these internetworks, or
private internets. Obviously they are connected networks, just
not connected to the public Internet. I don't think they should
all be lumped together in a policy discussion under some label.

> Split-DNS is one of those things. (I started implementing 
> split-DNS systems back in 1992... It was useable then because 
> nobody had laptops.  By the time it became universal for 
> enterprises, it was unworkably useless, and /etc/hosts or 
> literal IPs began to replace it)

This DNS issue really needs to go to the IETF because this is 
the kind of thing that would be specified in an RFC.

--Michael Dillon

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