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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Mar 22 16:18:01 EDT 2010

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>>>>> "Leo" == Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> writes:
    >> It's not one ISP that customer with $$$$ has to convince, but
    >> *all* of them.  A customer with that much money can certainly
    >> afford to buy globablly routable /48, or a /32 or something.

    Leo> It's not that a smart, well run company can afford the cost up
    Leo> front; they can and will do the right thing.

    Leo> Rather, the worry is the company that goes down a ULA path when
    Leo> they should not out of ignorance or poor planning.  Then, 5, or


    Leo> Already communities of interest are choosing the same ISP for
    Leo> greater SLA's.  They may not need it routed to the global
    Leo> Internet, but rather you see ISP's routing these only internal
    Leo> to their network and their customers.  In essence, the ULA

Sounds like a COIN to me.
Sounds like *PROPER* application of a NCN to me.

What is the problem?

    Leo> boundry becomes the ISP, rather than the Enterprise.  It's an
    Leo> interesting situation, because it doesn't hurt the "global"
    Leo> routing table, but it does put much the same pressure on the
    Leo> ISP's backbone devices.

ISP gets significant revenue, and significant lock in.
Sounds like a win for the ISP.  Said ISP could have used PA space too.

Why should we have a address allocation policy preventing ISPs and
customers from having this routing policy behind closed doors?

    Leo> We must plan for those who are short sighted, ignorant, lazy,
    Leo> and simply dumb.  No, that doesn't mean making their lives
    Leo> easier, but it does mean finding ways to prevent them from
    Leo> peeing in the pool and making it unsuitable for all.

It's not a pool. It's a VAST OCEAN.  It's nice environmentalism to
realize that even the oceans are not infinite,  but it's not ARINs place.

What you describe is a ROUTING POLICY.

This concern over theoretical situations that have occured in IPv4-land
only due to significant scarcity and only reported in "heresay" (due to
NDA, etc.) are preventing deployment of IPv6 by many smaller, more
innovative enterprises.

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