[arin-ppml] ULA-C and reverse DNS

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Mar 22 16:01:23 EDT 2010

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>>>>> "Owen" == Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> writes:
    Owen> How does that pose a limit on the number of blocks they get?

    Owen> The process you have described allows a very large enterprise
    Owen> to get a ULA-C block for a lab, use it, tear it down, forget
    Owen> they ever had it and apply for another one 3 months later.
    Owen> Lather, rinse, repeat until you actually do manage to burn 40
    Owen> bits worth of address space.

You are right, we can burn 40 bits easily (recalling it's 0.4% of our
address space). 

  Assume 60,000,000 organizations as before.
    (Remember that due to recently discovered anomalies in how the
    universe is layered, each time you route v6 address space on top
    of another layer-4, such as when using an SSL VPN, you open a worm hole,
    which permits corporations registered in the 1800s to use address
    space as well)

  EACH one applies for a new /48 every 3 months.
  That's 240,000,000 /48s being consumed each year by these 60M
  unscrupulous labs.

So, 4581 years (in the year 6591) the initial /8 that we allocate to
this effort will be full.

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