[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Mar 22 10:12:35 EDT 2010

> The ISP _will_ listen because the customer has money, 
> collectively if not enough individually.

I'm also lost by this statement. 
It seems to be lost in IPv4 scarcity ideas to me.

It's not one ISP that customer with $$$$ has to convince, but *all* of
them.   A customer with that much money can certainly afford to buy
globablly routable /48, or a /32 or something.  

End systems with that much money do not appear overnight, so it's not
like they are going to number a billion mobile phones with ULA-C
addresses and then want to route it.  
Such an organization will have money to get the address space they need.

If there are customers with $$$$ money, how come they haven't convinced
ISPs to route 10/8 for them already?

Listen to Michael Dillon, my emphasis:

> Enterprise users, who are SORELY UNDERREPRESENTED in the RIRs, rather
> like to have internal networks addressed with blocks which DON'T WORK
> on the Internet. It adds an ADDITIONAL LAYER OF SECURITY in case
> various people make mistakes in configuring things like routers and
> firewalls. 

AND, a reason why having whois-type information available, and for using
     globably unique address is so that when this mistake is discovered, it
     is possible to actually find out whose address space is leaking!

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