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> David:
> >CIRs would have to follow the RIR's policies.  If this is really the 
> >case, then NIRs seem like a more appropriate way to serve 
> the intended 
> >purpose of the CIRs.  If CIRs are intended to have policies 
> independent 
> >of the RIRs then the conclusions of the paper must be called 
> into question.
> This is a slippery area. How do RIRs manage to have 
> different, more locally-suited  policies without causing the 
> same problems? What is the difference between CIRs and NIRs? 

I think the difference is that NIRs look up the the RIR.... CIRs as I
understand it look outside the RIR system.  Current system causes the
possible inconsistencies and disruption to be limited to 5 RIRs who can
coordinate/negotiate more easily that the number of CIRs that would
> >implementation or operational cost of an IPv6 network.  
> While fees are 
> >always an issue, it seems hard to believe that even the complete 
> >elimination of all IPv6 RIR fees could significantly impact the cost 
> >structure of implementing IPv6 for an ISP.
> It's not the fees per se, it's the policies, which impose 
> costs and barriers that, as you suggest, may be far more 
> important than the annual fee. The idea is that if RIRs 
> develop policies that are needlessly restrictive an 
> alternative IR would try something different. 

Something different could be hundreds of times multiplied and address
shopping becomes a nightmare

> --MM
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