[arin-ppml] RIPE/ITU

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Wed Mar 3 21:22:17 EST 2010

On Mar 4, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> And to the rest of us, this is just a turf battle between two tribes that we don't feel part of. 
> I would have expected slightly more sophisticated responses from the people in this community. I would like to see a recognition of the fact that the issue is national governments, not the ITU per se, which is merely responding to pressures from member states; a clearer articulation of why the ip addressing system should be independent of national governments; an embrace of principles of neutral, non political, open and transparent administration of critical resources, an embrace of Internet freedom, etc., etc. I don't see it. I feel no loyalty to your Tribe.  

Milton - 

  The RIR community has repeatedly:

  1) Expressed a willingness to work on any problem that the 
     ITU can express in a clear problem statement

  2) Actually demonstrated neutral, non-political open and 
     transparent administration of Internet number resources

  You suggest that this is an issue of "national goverments, 
  not the ITU per se" and it's with respect to the "role of 
  nation-states in governing internet resources."

  If your assertion is correct, an actual discussion of that 
  issue in *any* forum would be appropriate. Again, the RIR
  community, ICANN, or ISOC would be fine, or perhaps the 
  WSIS or IGF communities if that is a forum which would be 
  more comfortable to others.  As it is, the RIR community 
  is being asked to respond to Terms of Reference which cite
  concerns of about IPv6 conservation and equitable access
  to resources for developing countries...  One shouldn't
  be surprised that many in the Internet community are
  confused by these pretenses for starting discussions...

  How can we express a more sophisticated response based 
  on "recognition of the fact that the issue is national 
  governments" when not a single party has come forth to
  discuss this in a open manner, and the actual tasks 
  given to us by the ITU don't even mention the 
  underlying problem you feel we need to address?


John Curran
President and CEO

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