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William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Wed Mar 3 10:06:42 EST 2010

> Le 01/03/2010 08:46, Milton L Mueller a écrit :
>> As I've said, it's all about the policies. If the ITU or
>anyone else wants to discuss and promote more
>reasonable policies I'm all for it. ITU can serve as
>a useful countervailing force to the RIR monopoly,
>just as it has with ICANN.

Hi Milton,

I don't see how it helps to have entities compete at the process of
giving away a combination of a free-pool resource (IPv6 addresses) and
other peoples' money (the routing slots they use).

If ITU wants in the IR game that badly, I'd like to see them take on
something that the RIRs aren't already dealing with. Perhaps they
could draft an RFC and global policy requesting that IANA delegate
fc00::/8 to ITU. Whether they ever see an expanded role in IP address
management would, of course, then depend on how open and
cost-effective a job they do with that off-Internet pool.

ITU seems to have talked themselves down from wanting to control ICANN
to wanting to control IANA to wanting to be a competitive IR under
IANA. They have a little ways to go yet before they come close to
talking sense.

I could be mistaken, but it seems to me there's essentially no chance
of the ARIN community supporting a global proposal to make ITU a
competitive IR for public Internet addresses. I would also be
surprised if the other regions welcome ITU treading on their turf.

Pushing the issue seems to me like an awful lot of effort for ITU to
go to just to make a political statement that's as likely as not to
backfire and remind everybody why upon the end of NSF funding for the
InterNIC a decade and change ago, ITU was not invited to step up.

Bill Herrin

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