[arin-ppml] Use of "reserved" address space.

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Wed Jun 30 16:31:18 EDT 2010

On Jun 30, 2010, at 2:45 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> I have to agree mostly with Milton here, also I'll point out that
> recently ARIN joined the ITU and as the ITU is an agency of the
> United Nations, ARIN has in some ways lost it's independence 
> from the government.

Ted - 
>From the announcement of ARIN joining the ITU as a sector member:

"ARIN has joined the ITU to assist on matters related to the Internet, particularly issues pertaining to IP addressing. By providing experienced technical expertise in this field to the ITU, ARIN furthers its educational mission and offers valuable insight into the success that the Internet has achieved through community-based address policy development."

i.e.  We're providing expertise and outreach to the ITU so that 
they may better understand Internet number resource issues.  In
no way does this effect our policy processes nor operations, nor
does it in any manner impact our independence as an organization.

I do agree with you that ARIN is unlikely to run into difficulty
with continuing to perform technical administration of Internet
number resources, but my reasoning is based on our open Internet
number resource policy development process, our widespread support
in the telecommunications and ISP community, our recognition by the 
germane Internet organizations (IETF/IAB, ISOC, ICANN), and the 
specific history of our formation.


John Curran
President and CEO

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