[arin-ppml] Future pressures on the ARIN policy process (Was: Use of "reserved" address space)

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I have no idea how an exception can prove a rule, or why you think my company might be an exception.

We've had a /24 since 1991 and so are a legacy resource holder. We mostly ignored ARIN (because ARIN mostly ignored us) until about three years ago when there was some sort of outreach. At that point, I started monitoring the ARIN mailing lists and decided it made sense for us to support ARIN.

Compared to our costs for software and hardware maintenance, $500 for the ARIN membership is noise.

The bigger cost is the time to monitor and understand a percentage of the traffic on the ARIN lists.

So how many end users pay for ARIN membership? I have no idea, but I expect that they do so because they think it is the correct thing to do.

In any case, any organization has a larger influence by expressing a coherent opinion on the public policy discussion mailing list than by voting for the various candidates for ARIN offices.


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>>It's $500/year extra as an end-user to vote. That's steep enough that
>>end user orgs by and large won't participate unless their vote has
>>been bought. ...
> Meadow dressing.
> As an end user organization that has been paying
> $500/year extra, I'm offended by this assertion.

Good for you! You're the exception that proves the rule.



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