[arin-ppml] Global Policy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA PostExhaustion (Version 2)

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Jun 4 05:21:21 EDT 2010

> > I believe that this policy is not even needed and that it is too
late to be making policies

> > that take effect when Ipv4 runout occurs.


> I disagree.  Absent some form of policy, there is no procedure for any
space returned to IANA

> which is less than a complete /8 to be delegated to RIRs and it would
sit unused.


You are free to believe that IANA is brain dead. I prefer to believe
that they would not act

in a patently stupid way. Even if policy did not exist, it would only
take a few well-worded

requests to ICANN to sort out that kind of problem.


If you really want to get a global policy through that will solve this
issue, then it should be simple.


1.       IANA shall accept any Ipv4 blocks of whatever size that the
RIRs wish to return.

2.       IANA shall allocate returned blocks of any size, to RIRs that
can make use of that space.



--Michael Dillon

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