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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Jul 30 13:09:32 EDT 2010

On 30 Jul 2010 08:15, michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>> Didn't one of the academics do a peer-reviewed study and a scan of the Internet last year with results suggesting (among other things) that about 2/3rds of the allocated address space is not employed on the public Internet?
> Irrelevant.
> ARIN does not allocate IP addresses for the public Internet.

Agreed.  Still, address space not routed on the public Internet is a
logical place to start looking for abandoned or unused space to
reclaim.  If the registrant responds that they are using that space for
a private internet and passes a Section 12 review, we thank them and
move on.  If the registrant doesn't respond or their use doesn't pass a
review, Section 12 has procedures for that as well.


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