[arin-ppml] Set aside round deux

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Jul 30 10:21:27 EDT 2010

> Policy already differentiates for multi-homers to the global network.

I'm not aware of how ARIN policies differentiates multi-homers on a
private internetwork from multihomers on the public Internet.

> I expect, and I hope, that requests for global resources that are not
> to
> be addressable on the global network must demonstrate why site-local
> rfc1918 addressing is not sufficient for their needs, as it is for the
> overwhelming majority of network not directly addressable from the
> global network.

EVen in the days of RFC 2050 it was necessary to show why you could not
use RFC 1918 addresses. In any case there is a big difference between 
a private network which does not interconnect (or has severly controlled
interconnects) and a private internetwork which basically functions just
like the Internet, except that they do not transit any traffic to the public
Internet. If you were to show this graphically, you would draw a big
cloud of Internet ASes with the best connected ones in the centre, and then
a very thin layer around the edge, practically invisible, which represents 
one of these private internetworks. The hundreds of ASes in one of these
private internetworks are probably all connected to the Internet, but 
are configured so that no traffic transits between the public Internet
and the private internetwork.

> I do believe that suitable need can be demonstrated in a minority of
> situations.

There are many such private internetworks and several of them are 
global in scope. Your minority represents thousands of companies,
many of which are large multinational companies. They may well
be numerically a minority, but they are a significant minority who
need to be served fairly by ARIN or they will destroy the RIR system.

The RIR system is based on fair dealing and therefore ARIN has to treat
it's minorities in the same way that Canada treats its French language 
majority, and the many First Nations peoples who occupied the territory
before Europeans arrived. The same model is followed in the USA with
its treatment of the black minority, the hispanic minority and so on.

Counting up things is a risky business because it leads to majority
versus minority thinking, which will only result in wasted energy
fighting disputes and bickering. Let's not go down that path.

--Michael Dillon

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