[arin-ppml] Ending point to point links as a justification for a /30?

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Thu Jul 29 16:30:45 EDT 2010

Seth Mattinen wrote:

> I believe it's counterproductive to spend more time coming up with more
> workarounds for IPv4 while at the same time expecting that IPv6 adoption
> is going to take hold.

If and only if, all the effort available and tasks required were 
confined to the participants of this conversation, only then would this 
point be valid. That was the case circa the ARPANET. It is no longer.

> Let IPv4 go.

It is up to the individual operators and network and customers and users 
to let it go. Not us, even for an expansive version of "us".

> As long as there are still people
> working on making it last longer that's all the more reason for everyone
> who hasn't started with IPv6 yet to keep putting it off.
> ~Seth

No. That is an irrational fear, based on zero sum game, assuming control 
and coordination that cannot ever be realized.

Not to mention that this statement is in and of itself quite damning of 

That it wont happen unless there is absolutely no choice? Is it really 
that bad? Why cant it win on its own merits?

Not a very nice picture.


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