[arin-ppml] Possible amendment to proposal 116 (small experts panel)

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Jul 28 04:39:11 EDT 2010

> 3 individuals on the panel (keep it small and nimble):
> 1 from ARIN staff
> 1 AC member selected by the AC
> 1 from academia selected by the board (specifically not affiliated
> with an IR or any ARIN members)

No ARIN staff. No AC members.
ARIN already has the expert opinions of all of its staff, as well
as the expert opinions of all of its AC members. No need to elevate
one of these above the others.

If there is to be some kind of panel giving opinions into the process,
then we need to maximize external inputs.
1 academic with PhD and teaching position at a university
1 network manager from non profit sector
1 network manager from large enterprise
1 person connected with SBA or SCORE
1 technology journalist

No former ARIN staff or AC or BoT

> Vote of no confidence - petition of 10 people on the PPML compels the
> AC to hold a confidence vote. If the majority of the AC votes no
> confidence, the panel is disbanded and must reformed from the same
> sources with different individuals. Vote confidence for the entire
> panel, not specific individuals.

In general, the idea of getting a panel to come up with a solution,
followed by a vote seems to be a workable and interesting idea as
long as it has a time limit which fits between two ARIN meetings.

--Michael Dillon

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