[arin-ppml] Set aside round deux

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jul 28 01:07:26 EDT 2010

> If you are worried about vast tracts of IPs ripe for the plucking,
> then let's write policy to find and recover those tracts - Or at least
> to stop Orgs with those unused/underused resources from getting more.
> Size, type, industry are not the issues here; efficient utilization
> is.
I believe that section 12 of the NRPM provides about as much policy
as is possible in this area for the actions of recovery and prohibition
from getting additional space. If you have ideas to improve upon this
I am open to them.

There is an additional draft policy which will be discussed in Atlanta
which provides the potential for policy to compel ARIN staff to make
more active use of section 12 under certain circumstances.

I would encourage everyone following this thread to review that
proposal and comment on any circumstances you feel should be
added to or removed from that list.


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