[arin-ppml] Set aside round deux

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Jul 27 23:29:00 EDT 2010

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 5:25 PM, Jason Schiller <schiller at uu.net> wrote:
> For many CGNs are too costly.

No price is too high if you can sell it for more. No cost is low
enough if you can't.

I can sell "security enhanced Internet service for your protection,"
that sits behind a NAT firewall.  I prepared this email using such a
service in my hotel room. Doubtless you've used a few such services
yourself. There's no fundamental reason it wouldn't be valid in other
eyeball networks, not just hotels and hot spots.

Will you be able to sell Ipv6 only service, or IPv6 service with
hacked-up DNS that lets you do v6 to v4 gatewaying? Is that what your
customers tell you they want to buy?

Let me offer a rude viewpoint to gauge reaction: the 4.10 addresses
shouldn't be available to the X-larges at all. Period. The X-larges
have vast tracts of IPv4 addresses from which they can find a few to
facilitate IPv4 function during the v6 transition. 4.10 addresses
should be for folks who didn't have a lot of v4 addresses to start
with and need just a few more to carry them through to v6 ubiiquity.


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