[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2010-2: /24 End User Minimum Assignment Unit - Correct Title

Jim McBurnett jim at tgasolutions.com
Fri Jan 29 21:22:20 EST 2010

>>That's one reason why letting the ISP decide whether or not to give
>>you a /24 suppresses abuse.

This one item is a perfect example of the sponsorship idea I put at the end of my last post..

Checkbox-- ISP A and ISP B-- Would you assign a /24 to this end user?
Fill in the blank: (why or why not)

The ISP's retain the right to have a comment on the assignment..
Would that calm the concern about abuse?

Policy could read:

Upon submission for an ARIN Assigned PA /24, ARIN will contact both upstream ISP's via email utilizing the POC for that BGP ASN.
If ISP endorses the request, the request is advanced for further ARIN consideration.
If ISP does not respond within 5 business days, endorsement is considered to be implied.
If ISP does not respond favorably, requesting organization is referred to that ISP and the merits of the 
ISP endorsement is considered by ARIN. Where ARIN may or may not advance the request based on the standing policies at the time.
ISP may rescind or modify their endorsement in a timeline to be published in the endorsement requesting email from ARIN.
That timeline should not exceed a period of 10 business days.



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