[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95: CustomerConfidentiality - Time Sensitive

Wrona, Ed Ed.Wrona at aeroflex.com
Fri Jan 29 20:55:56 EST 2010


	You make a valid point with the Action Photo analogy, however
IMHO, they and companies like them represent a small percentage of colo
customers. In the vast majority of cases, customers are the only ones
with administrative access to an offending machine, again my opinion.
Other than shutting down their cross-connect, I am not quite sure what
the network operator would do in the case of such a complaint.

	In either case, I have been reading this thread all day and I
just do not understand the rationale.  Since you have stated that:

				"My proposal is about obscuring the
address, phone number and e-mail of a collocated or hosted customer to
prevent poaching by competition."

	I may be way off base, however, from my perspective, I just
don't see this happening.  I have never once received a solicitation or
cold call from any network provider looking to offer service based on
one of our SWIP's (or not that I recall or know of).  

	Further, how does hiding the address, phone number, and email
prevent this "poaching" if it does exist ?  If the name of the company
is there, can't they do some extra work and make the solicitation anyway

Ed Wrona  
Network Administrator
Aeroflex, Inc.

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>No it does not.  Didn't you read your own proposal?  It doesn't protect
>hosted and collocated customers AT ALL.  It protects the _ISP's_ that 
>sell services to those hosted and collocated customers.

You must be reading something different.  My proposal is about obscuring
address, phone number and e-mail of a collocated or hosted customer to
prevent poaching by competition.  I can use the rational that it
the ISPs customer list and I could also use the "it protects customer
privacy" argument that obviously won 2004-7.

>Those hosted and collocated customers are businesses that are out there
>paying good money to make themselves known to the world so they can
>sell websites and whatever else they do.  Your idea of "protecting"
>is to interfere with this process.

Not all of them.  I have a customer, Action Photo.  It's a photography
studio run by two people.  They colo a server with me and have a /29. I
to SWIP their information even though they are the last people that
be called if there's an issue and would just end up calling me anyway.

>So in other words, your going to slam the previous decision based on
>process and completely ignore the actual discussion itself - and all
>have to offer is that ignorant people think it's stupid?

No.  I'm going to change it.  There's a process for that and it's the
process I'm going to use.  You insinuating that I am somehow trying to
circumvent the system or shove it down people's throat by using my right
petition for a draft proposal shows your ignorance of the very system
proclaim to be supporting.

>And your definition of "reasonable" is "agrees with my proposal"

Are you serious because I'm starting to think you're just messing with
I replied to a post from George Bonser asking how he would change it and
from YOU talking about compromise.  Make a suggestion.


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