[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 95: Customer Confidentiality

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Fri Jan 29 20:35:10 EST 2010

I supported the petition for this proposal.  I did that not because
I think this proposal is perfect, but because I think the issue is
still important and relevant.  Also, as I have already posted, I
believe there is a new twist on it with respect to IPv6; which may
not be discussed in this proposal but it can be a vehicle for this

However, this issue is not new.  Some of our newer members may not
understand that.  If you were not around for the following discussions,
you may want to look in the Policy Proposal Archive on ARIN's web
site, and or reach some back PPML archives....

2001-7: Bulk ARIN WHOIS Data
2002-4: Bulk Copies of ARIN's WHOIS
2002-8: Privatizing POC Information
2003-1: Required Performance of Abuse Contact
2003-2: Network Abuse
2003-5: Distributed Information Server Use Requirements
2003-9: WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
2003-11: Purpose and scope of WHOIS directory
2003-16: POC Verification
2004-4: Purpose and scope of ARIN WHOIS directory
2004-6: Privacy of Reassignment Information
2004-7: Residential Customer Privacy
2005-2: Directory Services Overhaul
2006-1: Residential Customer Privacy
2006-6: Bulk WHOIS agreement expiration clarification
2008-1: SWIP support for smaller than /29 assignements
2008-7: WHOIS Integrity Policy Proposal

If you want my take on the entire area; the vast majority of folks
are unhappy with the current state of how SWIP/WHOIS/contact
information is entered, used and distributed.  However, even though
perhaps 80% of the people are unhappy with the current system, no
more than 20% of the people can agree on any "solution", and thus
the status quo always wins.

However I think the sheer number of proposals is proof that the
status quo is not working for a lot of people.

Sadly though, the discussion has already devolved into useless
analogies, attacks, lack of understanding, lack of empathy, and
down right cynicism.  Everyone is sure there is some ulterior motive
involved, to hide a spammer, make money, or game the system.  Rather
than thinking about Joe Average, everyone is talking about the one
corner case that will always exist, no matter what system we have
in place.

Quite frankly, everyone involved needs to go back, read the archives
of all of the proposals above, think hard about the principals they
actually support, and post about those.  Attacking each other, or
coming up with wild scenarios to prove your point is well, a waste
of everyones time and effort.

       Leo Bicknell - bicknell at ufp.org - CCIE 3440
        PGP keys at http://www.ufp.org/~bicknell/
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