[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95: Customer Confidentiality - Time Sensitive

Aaron Wendel aaron at wholesaleinternet.net
Fri Jan 29 20:28:50 EST 2010

>No it does not.  Didn't you read your own proposal?  It doesn't protect
>hosted and collocated customers AT ALL.  It protects the _ISP's_ that 
>sell services to those hosted and collocated customers.

You must be reading something different.  My proposal is about obscuring the
address, phone number and e-mail of a collocated or hosted customer to
prevent poaching by competition.  I can use the rational that it protects
the ISPs customer list and I could also use the "it protects customer
privacy" argument that obviously won 2004-7.

>Those hosted and collocated customers are businesses that are out there
>paying good money to make themselves known to the world so they can
>sell websites and whatever else they do.  Your idea of "protecting" them
>is to interfere with this process.

Not all of them.  I have a customer, Action Photo.  It's a photography
studio run by two people.  They colo a server with me and have a /29. I have
to SWIP their information even though they are the last people that should
be called if there's an issue and would just end up calling me anyway.

>So in other words, your going to slam the previous decision based on
>process and completely ignore the actual discussion itself - and all you
>have to offer is that ignorant people think it's stupid?

No.  I'm going to change it.  There's a process for that and it's the
process I'm going to use.  You insinuating that I am somehow trying to
circumvent the system or shove it down people's throat by using my right to
petition for a draft proposal shows your ignorance of the very system you
proclaim to be supporting.

>And your definition of "reasonable" is "agrees with my proposal"

Are you serious because I'm starting to think you're just messing with me.
I replied to a post from George Bonser asking how he would change it and one
from YOU talking about compromise.  Make a suggestion.


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