[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95: Customer Confidentiality - Time Sensitive

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Fri Jan 29 12:38:13 EST 2010

> I support the petition not to abandon and I support the proposal.
> It appears that everyone is purely looking at this from a transit
> perspective (where the addresses to or not be SWIPd are the source).
> Think of this from a content provider perspective (where the addresses are
> the destination).  Not everyone wants to publish where there systems are
> (they may not use DNS or use private DNS).
> -dsd

Whether they want to or not is moot.  If they are going to be using resources in the public arena and those resources have the possibility of causing problems then they need to be contactable.  It is that simple.

If they want to be completely anonymous and untraceable the solution is simple, stay off the internet.

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