[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 95: Customer Confidentiality

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Thu Jan 28 22:53:47 EST 2010

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> The proposal doesn't restrict information an ISP may disclose.  Simply
> leaves it up to the ISP to decide with their customers and gives them
> the
> same options and protection that access providers (cable companies,
> providers and Dial-up operators) currently enjoy.
> Aaron

But again, just because you SWIPed a network doesn't mean you have any
control whatsoever on the traffic from that network.  It might be in use
on a different continent and not a bit of the traffic going through your
network.  What is calling you going to accomplish?

And what prevents me from coming to you to get a /20 block if you can't
verify what addresses I have assigned?  How can you verify HD
requirements?  And then what prevents me from asking for a /20 block
from both of my providers just so I have some "reserve" IP space after
runout?  If you can't see each other's SWIP information, what prevents

This is absolutely the wrong time to do this.  

How about we do this; we say that under no circumstances will v4 SWIP
info remain private because we are so close to run-out. The resource is
too scarce to hide who has what and figure out a workable way to do this
for v6.


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