[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 95: Customer Confidentiality

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Thu Jan 28 22:38:00 EST 2010

Aaron Wendel wrote:
> The proposal doesn't restrict information an ISP may disclose.  Simply
> leaves it up to the ISP to decide with their customers and gives them the
> same options and protection that access providers (cable companies, DSL
> providers and Dial-up operators) currently enjoy.

...reading this paragraph, you are trying to level a playing field of

I thought that "cable companies, DSL providers and Dial-up operators"
were ISPs...

My understanding is if an 'ISP' doles out a /29, we have to SWIP it, and
so would anyone else who has IP space allocated by ARIN, no matter what
type of access they provide.

What am I missing, and what are they enjoying that I'm not?

I don't SWIP the IPs of my dial up clients, nor my DSL users when they
don't have < /29.


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