[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2010-1: Waiting List for Unmet IPv4 Requests

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Jan 27 19:29:30 EST 2010

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:
>> Which brought to mind something that is related.  I have not been on
>> this list very long. Has there been discussion of some mechanism for
>> recovery of issued but unused resources?  By this I mean address blocks
>> that are no longer in use because the company involved no longer exists
>> or blocks that have never been put into service.  A check of ipv4 PI
>> blocks that have been issued but not advertized on the Internet for more
>> than a year might be a place to start.
>> I say this because I recently realized that a company I once worked for
>> which had gone out of business still had a block of addresses and an ASN
>> assigned to them so I contacted ARIN in order that the resources could
>> be recovered for reuse.  But I can't help but wonder how large a pool
>> exists of allocated but unused resources.
> 2007-14, now NRPM section 12, was supposed to address this.  I don't
> think there's any new policy needed; we just need to get ARIN more
> active in _implementing_ the existing policy.

Section 12 wasn't supposed to address this.  Section 12 exists mainly so 
that if ARIN gets a credible fraud report of an existing address holder 
that they can commence proceedings to revoke the allocation without 
having to go to a court and sue the address holder for breach of contract.

Note the language:

"...1.ARIN may review..."

The may places this section as an OPTIONAL section, ARIN is not 
obligated to conduct these reviews.

"...usage of any resources maintained in the..."

By definition, abandoned IP resources aren't being "maintained" thus
they do not fall under this section of the NRPM.  This section only
applies to resources that are being actively defended.

Clauses like this are very common in business contracts (decent
ones, anyway)

The section 3.6.1, implementation of which is in-process, is the
operative section that deals with the issue that George mentioned.

Technically, ARIN is within compliance of the NRPM at this time, since
Section 12 is optional, and Section 3.6.1 is pending implementation in
the NRPM.


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