[arin-ppml] "Each allocation/assignment size will be made, out of separate blocks reserved for that purpose."

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Wed Jan 27 02:07:22 EST 2010

Scott Leibrand wrote:
> On 1/26/2010 10:27 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> I'm more concerned whether your policy will ensure that *ALL* IPv6
>> addresses will fall under: "Each allocation/assignment size will be made
>> out of separate blocks reserved for that purpose." however...
> I'm not sure I understand you here.  First off, are you talking about
> proposal 106, or something else?  Do you mean that you're worried that
> every size allocation being made out of a different block will cause
> problems?  Or that somehow that won't be possible?

106. I shouldn't have mentioned that within this discussion.

I figure if every allocation/assignment is documented by ARIN from a
block 'reserved for X purpose', then providers who currently won't
accept /48's might do so, if they know that they are within an /XX
address space used exclusively for that purpose.

Personally, I've accepted /48 from the get-go. However, I have routers
that will fall over if someone decides to maliciously /48 up a few /32's
for instance.

Every ARIN block allocated or assigned should be done so from a block
reserved for a particular purpose.

As Owen says, we have 7/8ths more to play with after this one is done.

Let ARIN pave the way for proper documentation/TE/filtering (even though
ARIN doesn't have anything to do with routing policy) for the first
1/8th, and we'll all be set.


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