[arin-ppml] V6 address allocation policy

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Jan 20 12:56:24 EST 2010

> IPv6's routing and addressing architecture is directly sensitive to:
> LAN count (hard)
> Multihoming (hard)
> Administrative system boundaries (moderate) Renumbering (soft)
> It is not directly sensitive to:
> Host count
> Physical location
> Many many other factors important to various SIGs.
> That's why Multiple Distinct Networks (administrative 
> boundary) is an important difference that merits additional 
> /48's while multiple POPs (physical location) is not.

Wrong. You only get easy renumbering if you give each physical
location the same fixed length prefix. Every PoP should have
its own /48 for all internal and infrastructure use. Even if
it is only a rack in a colo, it is still a separate end site.
You may someday move everything from that rack into its own
building, and the /48 numbering scheme that you used from day 
one will make the move simple.

There is no shortage of IPv6 addresses. Assigning a /48 to an
end-site of any sort is fully justified in the HD ratio 
calculations, etc.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. There is no good reason to nickel and dime people to death
over a measly speck of dust fragment of the amount of address
space currently used to number a single IPv4 host. That /48
is 1/65536th of a /32. What is the point of DUST CONSERVATION!?

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