[arin-ppml] V6 address allocation policy

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Jan 19 20:33:21 EST 2010

Tim Durack wrote:

> I like the simplified approach that has been outlined by others:
> /48 no questions asked.

I don't believe in no questions asked, but I'll go for only a few 
questions asked.

Like are you multi-homed, or why a ISP or LIR assignment will not 
satisfy your need, and a subnet plan

> /40 for multi-homed organizations.

Why a /40 if you are multihomed, what does that have to do with how many 
addresses you need?  Did you mean have multiple site?  Then OK, sure.

> /32 once you push the limits of your /40.

So then do you support something like PP#106?

Any change you think should be made to PP#106 as it currently is written?

If people support or oppose the direction of PP#106 the AC needs to here 
you say that one way or the other and the more clearly you say it one 
way or the other the better.

FYI, the AC needs to settle on text for Draft Policies and get it to 
Staff by Feb 1 or so.  This is in order to have legal and staff reviews 
back in time to take action at our February AC meeting.  Which without a 
special AC meeting, is our last opportunity to move a proposal forward 
to Draft Policy and get it on the agenda for Toronto.  We can still make 
changes to text up to 30 days before the Toronto meeting, but it would 
be best if those were not major rewrites, only minor changes.

So that gives a little more than a week for major changes, so any feed 
back you can give us in the next week or so will be most useful.


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