[arin-ppml] V6 address allocation policy

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Jan 19 17:37:37 EST 2010

> However, I think some kind of qualification of multiple sites is
> necessary. I think two offices across town from each other with 10
> each and that share a common connection to the Internet probably
> shouldn't qualify for two /48s.  I'm thinking of language something
> like
> this;
> "To qualify as a separate sites, locations must either be in separate
> cities and/or metropolitan areas, or if within the same city or
> metropolitan area to be considered separate sites each site must have
> independent connection to the Internet."
> So if you had two sites in different metro areas or two sites in the
> same metro area but each has a separate connection to the Internet
> two /48s are justified.
> Is that reasonable?

Provided that you mean the separate connections are also to separate
providers, yes.

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