[arin-ppml] V6 address allocation policy

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Mon Jan 18 00:18:07 EST 2010

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> Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 7:38 PM
> However...  I  wonder how  'random'  the 40-bit   global ID will
> actually be in practice.

> If the actual  entropy behind  'global id creation'  in practice
> turns out to be less than true randomness,  then the results
> regarding  probabiliity of collision are also fallible.
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I agree.  People needing just one net are likely to use the first net of
the block for local assignment or number facilities sequentially even
though they are asked not to.  I suppose the RIR's could issue space out
of FC00::/8 to anyone who asks and people still have FD00::/8 to use as
they wish.  That would mean no chance of a collision in FC00::/8 unless
connecting to someone numbered from a different RIR.  It's one more
thing for the RIR's to keep track of, though.

Basically it means changing the L bit to mean 1=assigned by the
organization  0=assigned by the organization's RIR

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