[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 107: Rework of IPv6 assignment criteria

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Sun Jan 17 20:55:00 EST 2010

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>>>>> "William" == William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:
    William> Speaking off the cuff, I think I'd shape it like this:

    William> 1. Ask IANA for a /16 delegation of of the existing ULA
    William> space, e.g. 

  It would work for me.
  It's ULA-C, basically.

    William> 3. A registration account costs $10/year. No concept of
    William> organizations; 
    William> just accounts each billed seperately.

  There are 4B /48s there.  
  Enough for several for each person now alive in the ARIN region. 

    William> 6. RNDS delegation in the public DNS if desired. Let the

  I would like RDNS (others may need it).
  I would like whois.
  I would be happy with the proxy-contact-address for these --- I have
numerous experiences with enterprises (not always after a merge!!!), where
things do not overlap, but suddendly, another set of previously
unknown rfc1918 addresses start to show up, and nobody knows from
  The overlapping case is actually less of a problem.

    William> 7. Registration is non-binding. ARIN guarantees only that if both
    William> networks participate in registration then they won't have
    William> conflicting address use.

  I'm not sure I get what non-binding means here.

    William> The $10 supports operating a heavily automated registry.
    William> The $1 provides mild back-pressure against wasteful
    William> consumption of /48's. 

  However, realize that we basically can never get these addresses back.
My position might be... if you stop paying the fee, then the
registration information that was previously private, becomes public. 

    William> The contiguity requirement mildly encourages smart
    William> aggregation practices. 

  I do not know why this is important.

  These are networks that can never appear in the DFZ.
  They may appear in various COINs, VPNs, enterprises, or personal-area
  64K subnets is enough for many, and anyone with that many routes (a
COIN or VPN with 256 sites of 256 subnets...) won't be very worried that
their second /48 does not aggregate with their first /48, I think.

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