[arin-ppml] Mail postings from Joe Baptista held pending AUP Committee review

Not Doctor X notdoctorx at yahoo.ca
Sun Jan 17 09:24:05 EST 2010


Thank you for your clarification concerning ARIN policy at the AUP. As a judicial or administrative process it merits the classification status of "star chamber" which see reference: http://bit.ly/7j7UZu 

As you have confirmed John the AUP Committee may act in secret "and no notice is required before or after". This is unacceptable with respect to the allegations against me made here by you. Being that I have in some way caused the disruption of civil order and decorum on the mailing lists.

Kindly ask the star chamber to detail what it is I have done that violated the AUP and I will apologist and promise never to do it again. But please don't keep my offense a secret. I demand the decision of the AUP concerning me be made public for all to see and admire and to assist me in making a proper signed apology. In other words I put you to the strict proof thereof.

I also remind the star committee that it is I who has been libeled, slandered and defamed on an ARIN mailing list. And now I have been silenced? I think thats a bad omen and the action taken may be considered defamatory. I ask that the committee kindly consider that they may be contributing to further defamation of my character by their current actions.

Furthermore I apologize for posting to the list when it is clear now to me that I should not have posted. I hold John Curran and the AUP Committee responsible for my actions in this. It is impossible to follow rules or rulings when they are kept secret from the person whom the ruling applies to. This has always been a problem with star chambers and secrecy.

kindest regards
joe baptista

From: John Curran <jcurran at arin.net>
To: Not Doctor X <notdoctorx at yahoo.ca>; Joe Baptista <baptista at publicroot.org>
Cc: arin ppml <ppml at arin.net>
Sent: Sat, January 16, 2010 12:43:26 PM
Subject: Re: Mail postings from Joe Baptista held pending AUP Committee review

Joe - 
  First, you are mistaken, in that actions enforcing the AUP may be taken  
  at any time and no notice is required before or after.  At all times, ARIN 
  reserves the right to maintain order and decorum on the mailing lists it 
  manages, and your messages were being held awaiting review of the

  Second, the use of  "Not Doctor X" is likely to be considered a fictitious
  name by many, but I'll leave that to the AUP committee to judge. 

  You've been provided contact information for AUP Committee; free free
  to contact them, but in any case immediately cease posting to ARIN PPML
  (under any and all aliases) until informed otherwise.

Thank you,

John Curran
President and CEO

On Jan 16, 2010, at 12:15 PM, Not Doctor X wrote:

Dear Mr. Curran:
>Thank you for the clarification. However I have received no notice from the AUP committee and it is my understanding my posting privileges can only be suspended once notice is made.
>I would also like an opportunity to respond to the complaint and would request that any complaints be provided to me.
>Next I did not post using a fictitious name. I made very clear I was the one posting. There was no attempt to defraud or deceive nor have I in any way violated the AUP.
>You have also suspended my posting privileges without notice and this suspension causes me the injured party in this further damage. This time by ARIN itself.
>joe baptista

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