[arin-ppml] V6 address allocation policy

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Sat Jan 16 19:28:52 EST 2010

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry L Davis <Davis> writes:
    Terry> But yet even with the globe rushing headlong toward the end
    Terry> of IPv4 space, probably within 24 months, v6 is still barely
    Terry> crawling forward in deployments. It's not going into
    Terry> greenfields, startups, etc.  

  If techies need to get their managers to approve a checque to ARIN,
the manager tells them to use IPv4 + NAT.  If the techies do not have to
ask, then they will deploy IPv6 for internal use.
  (ULA buys you nothing compared to net-10)

    Terry> If I represented an IT or comm vendor right now, I'd be doing
    Terry> everything I could to get IPv6 used, including completely
    Terry> re-thinking or totally opening up the allocation policies and
    Terry> reducing the costs to near zero, just to protect my
    Terry> investments.


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