[arin-ppml] Global policy development process [was: Re: NRPM 2010.1 ? New Policies Implemented]

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Fri Jan 15 11:56:00 EST 2010

In a message written on Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 08:43:13AM -0800, Lee Howard wrote:
> What do you think the process for global policy development SHOULD be?

I have said before:

ARIN should have a process similar to, but separate from the PDP
for "speaking".  That is, we should be able to pass a resolution

   "ARIN requests IANA to assign ASN's according to the following

It makes no sense for such a thing to be put in our PDP, as there
is nothing for ARIN to do.  It makes no sense to use the PDP process,
because each step (e.g. staff impact) is predicated on ARIN staff
doing something.  It also makes no sense to list these things in
the PDP.  For instance, we pass it and the other 4 RIR's do not,
it does not become IANA policy, but it is stuck in our PDP until
we go remove it.  So we publish it on the web as if it is policy,
confusing everyone.

Once all 5 RIR's make a formal request like the example above, IANA
could say:

   "All 5 RIR's have requested ASN's be assigned by the following 

   "As a result, the criteria above has been added to IANA policy
    ABC.123, and will be implemented by IANA on Jan 1 ABCD."

So it's pretty much exactly the same structure, but we stop calling
a request to IANA an ARIN policy, because, well, it isn't, and it
confuses everyone.

I can think of no more damning condemnation of the current process
than the fact that Mr Hannigan is asking the question, someone who
is currently on the ICANN ASO AC.  If someone who is the next step
in the process can't understand what in the heck we're doing then
there's no way for the average Joe to keep track.

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