[arin-ppml] NRPM 2010.1 ­ New Policies Implemented

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Jan 14 11:56:19 EST 2010

Martin Hannigan wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2010, at 6:04 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> marty at akamai.com wrote:
>> > On 1/13/10 3:44 PM, "Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at ipinc.net> wrote:
>> >
>> >> marty at akamai.com wrote:
>> >>>>
> [ clip ]
>> >> How exactly is IANA held to ARIN's policies?  ARIN could decide that
>> >> IANA give all it's remaining IPv4 to ARIN, is IANA obligated to pay
>> >> attention to that?  Seems to me your not going to get IANA to do
>> >> jack until any policy that affects it completes the GDP.
>> >>
>> >> Ted
>> >>
>> > Ted,
>> >
>> > Good question. Without a global policy, they aren¹t. If you mean to 
>> ask how
>> > that relationship is actually governed, you can see the documents that
>> > codify the relationship and the global PDP by browsing here:
>> > http://www.nro.net/
>> >
>> Well, my question was more rhetorical - meaning that logically, since
>> these policies depend on IANA doing something, they really cannot
>> be policies until IANA agrees with them and follows them.  I mean, we
>> can stick them in the ARIN policy manual and all that but they won't be
>> followed until completion of GDP - so in essence, your statement that
>> " they _are_ both ARIN region policies regardless "
>> has no meaning.  It's kind of like when the US Congress passes a law
>> then does not pass the finance bill that provides money to enforce the
>> law - thus, even though it's on the books, it effectively does not
>> exist.
>> What I think is a much more interesting and relevant query is what
>> happens if either of these policies flunk out of the GDP?  Does
>> ARIN's board then reverse their adoption and scrap them?
> Ted, I don't really know which is why I asked for clarification. I 
> think, based on my reading, that the policy stands.

I think your assuming that the ARIN board's adoption of global proposals 
changes the proposals into regional policies - and if they fail GDP that 
there's then a standoff between IANA and ARIN.

I'm assuming that the ARIN board's adoption of the proposals is nothing
more than an endorsement of them as proposals - because, until they are
adopted as global policies, they remain global proposals.  That was why
Member Services put (Global Proposal) in parenthesis in front of them -
since they are still proposals.

Where I think the ambiguity exists is in the Member Services 
Announcement since at the beginning the paragraph states:

"...adopted the following number
resource policies:..."

Then they go and list the "adopted policies" and mix up the now-policy
additions with the still-global-proposal additions in the list that 
follows.  It's definitely misleading to the casual observer.


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