[arin-ppml] Official Spin-Off of GQBC and GQNET from the Gymnasium Querfurt High School to enhance education

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Jan 13 14:17:37 EST 2010


I wish you well in your efforts.  However, from what I saw on your 
website your claims of educational purposes seem to stretch 
creditability.  This is simply my opinion and you are free to ignore it 
as you see fit.  Furthermore you, like anyone else, are welcome to use 
the Internet for what ever you see fit, educational or otherwise, within 
the applicable laws of course.  But, when you claim an exception from 
policies and fees to further education purposes you should be able to 
clearly and reasonably demonstrate the educational value you are 
providing to society.  And, I just don't see that in this case, again 
this is simply my opinion.

Christopher Mettin wrote:

> GQNET.Connect is hereby officially introduced as the first educational 
> Internet Service Provider with multi-homed deployment which will soon go 
> on with the work I began, making IP addresses available for educational 
> purposes free of charge. And of course, GQNET.Connect is primarily based 
> in Michigan), therefore subject to be served by ARIN with IP addresses.

Beyond that, I must additionally take issue with your claim, "as the 
first educational Internet Service Provider".  Your effort is by no 
means the first education Internet Service Provider.  I will point you 
to Merit as a easy counter point example.  I'm not sure who the first 
education ISP really is, but as Merit has been around since 1966 and has 
a far better claim to that title.


You might want to learn more about Internet history.  At one point in 
time, Merit was the operator of the NSFNet, which was the Internet for 
all intensive purposes in the early 1990s.


> For those of you who want to benefit from a more inclusive name space 
> the Public-Root, root of the Internet2 and our Top Level Domain sponsor, 
> provides, go on http://inaic.com to receive further information on how 
> to upgrade your desktop configurations and server hint files. Users of 
> the Public-Root have instant access to most GQNET resources. Further, 
> the Public-Root has master servers on all over the world and is 
> therefore more reliable than the commercial legacy root, which is mainly 
> deployed on the East and West coast of the US.

Additionally, your project is not the root of Internet2, I personally 
have participated a great deal in the work of the Internet2 project for 
over 10 years.


And by the way Internet2 is a trademark.


In conclusion, while I wish you well in your efforts, I and many others 
would like to be able to focus on the policy business of ARIN. Therefore 
I would like to request you at least try to keep your postings relevant 
to that subject.  If you can do this, your continued participation is 

Thank you.

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