[arin-ppml] Official Spin-Off of GQBC and GQNET from the Gymnasium Querfurt High School to enhance education

Christopher Mettin cmettin at gqbc-online.com
Wed Jan 13 11:57:21 EST 2010

Oh, someone admitting his guilt. I was counting on that. Yep, that's the guy
who was wasting our limited school paper.

4 week days in a row we received faxes (the one he linked was only the
second one) containing falsified claims and crazy threats. This behavior
violates the United States Code (don't ask me for the exact section and


If they don't stop contacting our school immediately, we will take legal


If anyone googles up, they will find a dozen of emails and faxes he sent to
government offices and non-commercial organizations. It is also a
falsification to identify oneself as a member of an organization that fired
one and now tries to convince other people to not work with this company (as
Mr. Baptista does). Is advised to ignore Mr. Baptista as everyone of the
other affected people did.


If Mr. Baptista thinks he knows better about our internal school business,
he can go tell his grandma, uh, no, I forgot he lives with his Mama, maybe
she will still pay the next Internet bill then.


No further comments requested.


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A very interesting development Christopher. But members reading this may be
confused. So will provide here a brief summary.

Three days ago I faxed the Principle at Christopher's school the "Gymnasium
Querfurt High School" a letter and supporting documentation with respect to
Christopher's conduct in this conference - a copy of this fax is available
for members to read at the following URL:


As a result of my letter meetings were held and the school is now doing its
best to distance itself from Christopher's projects.

The school has confirmed with me that they will be replying to my fax by
letter. We will see then what they have to say.

I do hope the school will apologize to the members here for Christopher's

And in closing I want to take this opportunity to ask Christopher in public
to apologize to the members for his conduct. I have asked Christopher in
private correspondence to apologize to the members. To date no apology has
been received and if Christopher can't provide one I hope the school does.

joe baptista

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Christopher Mettin
<cmettin at gqbc-online.com> wrote:

Dear ARIN Community,


To strengthen education of high school education, even outside the walls of
such an institution, in Mai 2008 the students of the Gymnasium Querfurt High
School founded the Gymnasium Querfurt Broadcasting Channel, an International
organization. It's bylaws were soon written and meant to chronologically
include all future amendments and extensions to the mission of the
organizations, these bylaws are known as the GQ RFCs, in honor of the
Requests for Change.


A few months afterwards the organizations was absorbed by the GQHS and
managed together with GQHS teachers. Three days ago from today, this action
was reversed together with our principal and the school assembly. The GQBC
administration, namely I, wanted to ensure the organization will be still
administrated according to its founding principles after my own graduation
and those of my fellow student network administrators.


3 official reasons were stated in the spin-off contract:

1.       The fusion of GQBC with GQHS has never been authorized by a
ratified GQ RFC. GQHS rather received a temporary mandate to help GQBC
growing in its first life phases;

2.       GQ RFC 1 clearly stated that GQBC is an independent organization
with the mission to support education. To maintain objectivity such an
organization has to be run independently from a school. We only remained a
phrase advising that GQBC originated from the GQHS on our website, and also
GQBC will still provide services for the GQHS it provided before (e.g. web
transcripts); and

3.       Due to massive email, fax, and even telephone fraud attacks by an
opponent of the Public-Root (name intentionally omitted but we are sure
everyone knows him), which already satisfy the definition of terrorism, and
the fact that GQ RFCs did never grant GQBC the right to provide contact
details of the GQHS to entities other than educational institutions. GQBC
amended its policies and the contact page on gqbc-online.com to state that
the only way for individuals and companies outside the state of
Sachsen-Anhalt to contact the school is through a spam-filtered email


It is entirely true that the attacker failed his goal to knock down the
development of a global school network (GQNET), and we can proudly say it
was not the fate of the pilot project for International education to fail.
The attacker will soon receive a message from our principal stating the
school is no longer responsible for his falsified claims and "scam warnings"
and he will have to immediately stop to write any faxes, emails, or call the


GQNET which was planned within the last weeks is now ready to start. There
will be three main departments the network consists of: an Internet Service
provider (GQNET.Connect) connecting all users to the GQNET , the .GQNET
domain management (GQ NIC), and the team re-deploying the internal GQHS
network to serve educational resources to the global GQNET (GQNET next-gen
school network).


GQNET.Connect is hereby officially introduced as the first educational
Internet Service Provider with multi-homed deployment which will soon go on
with the work I began, making IP addresses available for educational
purposes free of charge. And of course, GQNET.Connect is primarily based in
Michigan), therefore subject to be served by ARIN with IP addresses.


I hope we can soon find a way to get the important IP's without long
discussions caused by commercial companies trying to reserve IP addresses
for their own prosper. The Web is an exponentially growing knowledge library
and not the stock market.


For those of you who want to benefit from a more inclusive name space the
Public-Root, root of the Internet2 and our Top Level Domain sponsor,
provides, go on http://inaic.com to receive further information on how to
upgrade your desktop configurations and server hint files. Users of the
Public-Root have instant access to most GQNET resources. Further, the
Public-Root has master servers on all over the world and is therefore more
reliable than the commercial legacy root, which is mainly deployed on the
East and West coast of the US.


Sincerely yours,

Christopher Mettin

Student Network Administrator


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