[arin-ppml] debunking the myth that Moore's law helps

Wes Felter wesley at felter.org
Mon Jan 4 18:13:37 EST 2010

Lee Dilkie wrote:
> I wonder how much b/w to the home is actually needed and if there is a
> natural demand "limit". It seems to me that once b/w to the home reaches
> realtime HD video there's not really much more that is required...

> Is it really reasonable to expect future b/w demands to the home to keep
> going up and up? What drivers do you see for this?

Why stop at realtime? Why not download an entire movie in one minute so 
you can watch it on the plane? Fortunately, this use case is very bursty 
and should support high oversubscription ratios.

Wes Felter

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