[arin-ppml] RIPE/ITU

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Feb 28 23:46:35 EST 2010

> ...your paper is cited as support for
> why the ITU needs to have a closed, invitation-only 
> IPv6 working group on this topic.

Really? Since my study did not propose the CIR model and presumed the continued existence of the RIRs, that would be quite interesting. I am unaware of any such citations. Show me where they are. If they do exist, they only prove that other people, as well as you, can reference academic studies without regard to their content as part of a political game.

> I am simply asking if that was your intention by 
> recommending their involvement, since the 
> recommendation seems so contrary both to the 
> other IGP work as well your own astute comments 
> on repercussions which started this discussion:

As I've said, it's all about the policies. If the ITU or anyone else wants to discuss and promote more reasonable policies I'm all for it. ITU can serve as a useful countervailing force to the RIR monopoly, just as it has with ICANN. 


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