[arin-ppml] RIPE/ITU

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Sat Feb 27 05:53:58 EST 2010

> I think this is largely a solution in search of a problem.

That doesn't mean that the Caribbean folks should not try

Different regions have different problems and the nature of
problems changes over time. So the fact that APNIC NIRs faded
away doesn't say anything about the Caribbean. As for the 
ITU stuff, I think that it is best ignored because it is
another thing entirely. NIRs came from the users. LACNIC
and AfriNIC breakoff came from the users. If the Caribbean
users can find a good reason for a sub-registry, then let's
hear their ideas.

And let's not muddy the waters by mixing this bottom up
proposal with the grand scheme of the ITU.

--Michael Dillon

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