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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sat Feb 27 00:33:20 EST 2010

Stop fretting, John. I am not part of a vast ITU conspiracy. We have two docs on the table: one is the study proposal for CIRs prepared by prof. Ramadass, the other is the Terms of Reference McKay cites which clearly indicates that this is the direction some in Geneva would like to go. Ok, if you want to be picky we cannot say there is an "ITU proposal" yet, but its pretty clear what direction certain people there would like to move. I am suggesting that we engage in that discussion seriously. 

My study said that the ITU "could play a constructive role" by helping to work out a legal framework for TABLs.Aside from the fact that that does not seem to be the direction they want to move in, is it your implication that ITU has _no_ constructive role to play in this space?  


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Milton refers to "the ITU proposal for CIRs", whereas the terms of
reference to the ITU IPV6 working group meeting (of which I am an
invited expert) call for *drafting* such a proposal.  Since Milton
references "the ITU proposal" as if it was already specified, and
his paper is indeed a listed working group meeting document, perhaps
he's aware of an actual ITU CIR proposal which will be forthcoming
to the rest of us soon?

Of course, the differences in approach between the ITU and the RIR
community should be very apparent just from this ITU IPv6 meeting
announcement.  The idea that a closed (ITU members + invited guests
who are to "represent" the Regional Internet Registries) working
group could "draft a global policy proposal" which would then be
seen as sufficiently complete to allow assessment of the various
implementation details almost presumes that one has already given
up on any form of community-based policy; note specifically that
ARIN's Policy Development Process states: "Policy proposals may
be submitted by anyone in the global Internet community except
for members of the ARIN Board of Trustees or the ARIN staff"
exactly to prevent assumptions such as this from occurring...

While invited and going to Geneva for the working group meeting,
my most important contribution regarding that initial item in
the terms of reference is to invite the participants of the ITU
IPv6 working group to ARIN's Public Policy Meetings and this
mailing list so that any actual CIR proposal is made before this
community, discussed publicly on its merits, and otherwise follows
ARIN's Policy Development Process as required.


John Curran
President and CEO

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