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Fearghas McKay fm-lists at st-kilda.org
Fri Feb 26 18:02:55 EST 2010

On 26 Feb 2010, at 22:52, John Curran wrote:

> Milton - Is there an "ITU proposal" for CIRs?  I'm not certain that  
> I've
> actually seen such a proposal, and while I'm aware of both your and  
> the
> NAV6 ITU-funded studies, neither appears to contain an actual ITU CIR
> proposal.  Could you point us to such a document, so that the  
> community
> can review and actually assess the operational impacts of it?

from the first post in the thread.


Terms of Reference
	• To draft a global policy proposal for the reservation of a large  
IPv6 block, taking into consideration the future needs of developing  
countries, as outlined in paragraph 23 of C09/29.
	• To further study possible methodologies and related implementation  
mechanisms to ensure ‘equitable access’ to IPv6 resource by countries.
	• To further study the possibility for ITU to become another Internet  
Registry, and propose policies and procedures for ITU to manage a  
reserved IPv6 block.
	• To further study the feasibility and advisability of implementing  
the CIR model for those countries who would request national  
	• To assist in the implementation of the project called for by  
Resolution 64, taking into account the needs at regional and national  
level in terms of capacity building and allocation policies.
	• To report to ITU Council 2010.


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