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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Feb 26 17:44:56 EST 2010

On 26 Feb 2010 16:15, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> Note that the ITU proposal for CIRs does not propose to make them
> exclusive, but rather proposes that an ITU-mediated CIR be an
> additional option. If one supports competing ISPs, why not alternative
> address registries? One cannot argue against this option on the
> grounds that we don't have enough ipv6 addresses to make it viable; we
> do. One cannot argue against it on the grounds that it messes up the
> efficiency of routing, because new, RIR-sanctioned NIRs or new RIRs
> carved out of existing ones would have basically the same effects on
> routing.

The difference between NIRs and CIRs is that NIRs are still required to
follow the policies developed by their parent RIR, whereas CIRs could in
theory do anything they want, e.g. giving PI addresses to any entity
that pays some nominal fee.  The resulting explosion of prefixes in the
DFZ from such a policy could cause a global meltdown.  More likely, it
would cause ISPs to filter the CIR blocks to protect themselves, which
would almost certainly result in government regulations that ISPs must
accept routes from the relevant CIR, which could in turn cause
country-specific meltdowns.  Worse, some governments might use the
availability of CIR blocks to ban the use of RIR/NIR blocks.  The end
result: the current global reachability (except to Verizon) that
everyone with RIR/NIR blocks enjoys today would not be available in the
future--something that many governments (and thus the ITU) want to
happen anyway but is undoubtedly bad for consumers, bad for the entire
industry, and bad for freedom (as in beer) globally.


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