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Rudolph -

  Michael Dillon's response is right on target:  ARIN is more than willing to
consider proposals for structuring the management of registry services that
make sense for any geography, and this can follow what happened in the
APNIC and RIPE regions or can be a fully new region such as the creation
of LACNIC & AfriNIC from ARIN some years ago.  ARIN has done significant
outreach in the Caribbean region with this message but the most important
point is that the determination be led by the actual users of numbering
resources (e.g. ISPs, businesses, non-profits, educational organizations) in
the region and not imposed by arbitrary third-party organization from above.


John Curran
President and CEO

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Although I am indeed thankful to the ITU for keeping us poor
and under privileged developing countries well stocked in
IPv6 numbers, I would much prefer that ARIN consider
structural modifications to allow for sub regional registries
under present structure

You might want to look into APNIC's NIR model which is exactly
that, and then make a formal proposal. I wouldn't expect you
to simply copy APNIC, but in making a proposal, I think you
should understand the alternatives. Also, I believe RIPE has
done something similar for the Russia and the ex-USSR countries,
partly because of the economic gap and partly because of legal
restrictions on signing contracts with foreign organizations.

This is a good idea, and as a side effect, if you get all
the Caribbean networking people talking around the same
table on a regular basis, you will be able to react faster
and in a more coordinated fashion when disaster strikes.
Like the next hurricane, and the one after that...

I don't see any connection between what you are suggesting
and the ITU's activities, and it is probably best if ARIN
considers your sub-registry proposal on its own merits.

--Michael Dillon

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