[arin-ppml] IPv6 Multihomed networks

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Mon Feb 22 19:39:07 EST 2010

On 2010.02.22 17:42, Kevin Kargel wrote:
>> In PP#107, the standard I'm trying to work from is justified operational
>> need.  I think even for IPv6 the standard shouldn't just be, I want it
>> and here is my check.  I would like to see it be more like, I need it,
>> here is why, and here is my check.  And, if the "why" is a common
>> standard reason, it shouldn't take much more that telling ARIN what your
>> reason is, like "I'm multihoming to the Internet".  If you want
>> addresses for less standard reasons, you should still be able to get
>> them, but you might need to provide more information for your
>> justification.
> I still think that needs-based allocation is antiquated IPv4 thinking.  What does it matter if someone gets some IPv6 space they don't need right now?  Would it be a bad thing if every household in the world got a /48 just because they wanted to?  Even if they are a single homed so what? 

I'm happy with this thinking. IPv6 for all... however...

> The world may need to figure out how to route all those /48's, but that is not for ARIN to dictate.  When it becomes a reality the world will figure out a way to make it work.  Do I have all the answers right now?  Of course not.  Do I trust human ingenuity to figure it out?  Of course I do.

it would be prudent for the community to come up with a solution so that
ARIN doesn't dictate operation policy, but makes it as easy as possible
for the ops and eng people to filter out what they don't want, in one
huge fell swoop.

If all single-homed /48's are within a single large block, it makes it
very easy for me to decide if I want to accept it or not, or at minimum,
it makes pref-lists easy to write/automate.

The 'give everyone v6' is a great theory in purpose, but I don't want my
hardware collapsing suddenly one day because ARIN gave out several /48s,
and they all light up at once without me being able to identify an easy
one-line method to stunt the collapse (even temporarily).

A baseline must be created, and operations must be involved. There has
to be a way to identify what 'type' of block you belong to.


ps. fwiw, I accept ALL /48 and shorter prefixes at this time.


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