[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 108: Eliminate the term license in the NRPM

Lee Howard spiffnolee at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 14:17:27 EST 2010

Milton Mueller wrote:

> Now we are getting somewhere more reasonable. Yes, 
> contracts can be structured to allow the parties more or 
> less rights, more or less exclusivity, more or less 
> transferability. But that is a choice. So lets have a 
> discussion about that. It is obvious that ARIN does not 
> allow free transferability of the rights it assigns, but this is 
> just a policy decision it makes and that policy could be 
> modified in hundreds of ways. You contribute nothing 
> useful to that policy debate by making the word "property 
> rights" a taboo and attempting to banish it from the discussion. 

Can I suggest that this conversation move in that direction?
The back-and-forth of "address cannot be property" vs.
"addresses are inherently property" seems to be deadlocked.
There may be policies that would follow from a definition of
addresses as property; what policies would you propose?


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