[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 109: Standardize IP ReassignmentRegistration Requirements

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Feb 8 04:38:41 EST 2010

> However after seeing Dillon's comment I am going to come out 
> SOLIDLY IN FAVOR of this policy proposal if for no other 
> reason than to counteract his no vote.

That's not how the PPML works. You don't have a vote and neither
do I, so you're so-called vote doesn't counteract anything.

> In the future perhaps it might occur to certain people that 
> if they don't have time to read and understand certain policy 
> proposal changes that they lack the knowledge to make good 
> policy decisions on them, and should just say nothing and let 
> the folks who do understand a particular proposal to comment on it.

That's not how the PPML works. This list is not just for the elite
who have the spare time to pore over complex policy changes. It is
for everybody with a stake in Internet addressing policy. 
Like a canary in a coal mine, it can be very valuable for the
average reader to pipe up and say, this proposal is just too
complex. This is a valid reason to reject a proposal, and it
is not the only reason that I reject this one. I also have not
seen a clear statement of what problem it is trying to solve.

--Michael Dillon

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