[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Sun Feb 7 18:36:13 EST 2010

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    >> I think a common pool is a good idea. It allows these
    >> non-connected networks to connect if their needs change and keeps
    >> them from having to get another allocation/assingment if they do
    >> choose to connect at a later date.

    George> I also believe having non-connected networks out of a common
    George> pool is a good idea.  For one thing, it allows two networks
    George> that are not connected to the global Internet to
    George> interconnect without worrying about address space collisions
    George> provided both networks got their addresses from the same
    George> issuer.  I am thinking of it as a "regionally unique"
    George> address space.

George, what matters is that the addresses are unique for this to happen.
It doesn't matter what pool they come out of.

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